“I have been working with Denise for about one year now. I initially went for a consult at the recommendation of my personal trainer. I had been experiencing a lot of neck/shoulder tension and was at a point where I was becoming extremely frustrated with the constant pain, discomfort and limited mobility that I was experiencing.

I liked Denise right off the bat. Not only did she know her business, but was also incredibly kind and understanding. She explained what could be happening to my body and together we came up with a plan of action. Several months in I was still feeling a lot of discomfort. I went back to my doctor and he had me meet with a specialist. The specialist sent me to physical therapy and after 5 sessions the physical therapist told me that they couldn’t help me and that I should go back to the specialist for advice. I consulted with Denise and we agreed to give it until the end of the year and see where we land. We concluded that if I was still feeling the way I was, then I would go back to the specialist in the New Year to see what other options there might be.

The end of the year was approaching and I was still feeling discomfort. BUT WAIT, there’s more…

One day I noticed that the tension in my neck had released somewhat and I was actually able to turn my head to the left side without feeling discomfort. The mass of tissue was finally releasing and over these past few months my neck is continuing to improve. I have also improved my posture big time! (that was the free gift with purchase!) LOL

My hope is that the takeaway from my story is the simple but true adage…Don’t Give Up. Reversing the effects that old habits have on ones body takes time, effort and patience. But let me tell you, it is well worth it. And having the opportunity to work with someone as qualified as Denise is nothing short of fabulous!” – Dan L.

“I am incredibly grateful to have found Denise and am amazed at the results of her work. Originally I went to Denise for help with back pain I’ve had since my teens, which she’s been able to alleviate, but she’s also helped with pain in my wrist and thumb, as well as popping in jaw. Not only do I feel a zillion times better when I leave her office, but since I signed up for Morales Method, Core Integration Series, I am practically pain free between visits. On the rare occasions I do feel an old ache, I know how to address it based on exercises she’s shared with me. Both she and her work are amazing. Thank you.” – Becky S.

“Denise allows me to connect with my body on a deeper level and give it the right amount of care for me to normal daily activities without pain, but also compete as an athlete.

As an ultimate frisbee player, I put my body through the paces training to run faster, jump higher and be stronger. Denise enables me to push my game to new heights by keeping my body flexible and consciously breaking down what I have built up with workouts so I can work harder.

I have been seeing Denise for the last three years, and I can confidently say that working with her has up leveled my game on the frisbee field.” – Sheeva S.

“I have a lifetime of poor-body mechanics which likely led to my herniated disc and sciatica. I’ve had steroids, physical therapy, and spinal injections. Now I see Denise instead and I’m in much less pain and I feel stronger.

A few weeks ago, I was convinced I would need surgery for a diagnosed meniscus tear. I told Denise my knee jammed every time I put my foot down, and even my hip hurt. Denise knew immediately what was happening. And I have not had any knee-jamming since; both my knee and hip feel much better!

We get so out of touch with our body mechanics, especially when we are in pain. Denise has an amazing ability to filter the noise and get to the heart of the issue. She explains what she’s seeing, and makes suggestions. I have recommended Denise to several people and given gift certificates to friends.” – Joan B.

“I came to Denise when I moved to San Francisco for bodywork to assist in helping my back so I wouldn’t be in so much pain. Her deep tissue treatment made my QL lengthen and release.  In addition, she discovered that my weak ankles, tight legs and hips, and shoulders were causing my back to overwork.  By helping me connect with myself and see how my posture, walking stance, and alignment hindered me, I was able to correct these things.  I was holding my shoulders too rigid and I needed to stretch my Calves and Piriformis.

Each week she communicated with my Acupuncturist and my Pilates instructor to understand what I was accomplishing with them.  She took their recommendations and accomplished deep tissue releases that they were seeing needed to be done and conversely, recommended areas of work that they should attend to. Her work changed my life.  My plantar fasciitis disappeared, my back relaxed, my hips opened, my ankles are less tight, my gait has improved, and my shoulders move freely.  I would recommend her highly to others.  You CAN feel better!” – Amanda G.

“What impressed me the most about Denise’s approach to bodywork is how she engages you as a partner in the bodywork. If you’re looking for a nap under dimmed lights with soft music, and oil slathered all over your body, see someone else!  But if you want to alleviate tightness or soreness in a muscle under the care of a highly professional massage therapist, you won’t find a better person than Denise. She is exceedingly easy to work with, — her agenda is your agenda — and you simply leave her care feeling rehabilitated and refreshed.” – Robert R.