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Did you Know?

Did you know that where you tend to feel pain in your body is not usually the cause?
Did you know that issues in your feet can affect your shoulders? Did you know imbalances with your pelvis can affect your neck? Humans were not designed to be sedentary creatures. We were created to move. Soon you will learn how everything is connected while I help you become more mobile and fluid in your body. And that my friends, is how I can help you feel better and you can get your life back.

Though I would love to be with you every step of your wellness journey, it is just not possible. Ultimately you are the one who has to navigate your health for your entire life. That is why I not only like to get my clients out of pain, but I also like to educate them. I like to empower them with knowledge and self-body awareness. That is what can stay with you for years to come. I’ll help you tap into your own sense of what feels healthy, functional and strong because that information is key for managing your wellbeing for the long haul.

What is Morales Morales Method® Core Integration Series?

Morales Method® Core Integration is a specialized form of Structural Integration that looks at the person holistically through a series of 9 sessions. Each session focuses on a specific region at a time and follows a sequence of our body’s natural form of functional development. Manual (or hands-on) therapy can be applied to muscle, fascia – connective tissue, visceral and nerves. These sessions create a cumulative effect revealing underlying imbalances and restricted holding patterns in the body. It is designed to relieve chronic pain patterns, improve quality of posture and give a person a new range of movement.

What is Bodywork?

I call myself a bodyworker because I have been trained in various modalities of Massage, Energy work and Structural Integration. Each bodywork session will be a collaborative experience dedicated to your specific needs. I want to help you reach your goals while meeting you where you are at in the present moment. This is an organic process allowing space for how your body adapts naturally. I will draw upon a variety of tools from Structural Bodywork, Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Sports Massage and Lymphatic Massage, that are most appropriate for your current situation.

What to wear?

Walking, standing, sitting, and/or stretching may be required for your session. I ask for you to bring sports shorts and women to include a sports bra.