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I was once a spy, mermaid and a surgeon but most people know me as a globetrotting, dance hopping, joke cracking, nature loving chica. My childlike imagination runs as deep as my passion for enhancing the quality of life. If you aren’t experiencing joy, then you are not fully living. I want to help you break down barriers and give you the freedom to express your best self.

From undergoing two heart surgeries as a child, I learned at a very young age how precious health is.  I quickly developed an active lifestyle and never took my health for granted.  As a competitive athlete through college, I pushed my body to its top-level performance while maintaining my personal wellness. These experiences drew me toward the healthcare field.

Realizing my own physical abilities could be limited, made me want to pursue working with people with disabilities. I gained over 10 years experience working as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist in the US and a Provider of Accessible International Travel in Europe. Returning back to San Francisco, I decided to bring those influences into the field of bodywork and dove head first into my life-long hobby of massage.

Bodywork continues to be an ongoing learning process shared between my clients and myself. Each session is an education, allowing for growth and discovery. I have never felt more in tune with my own body and I hope this transcends with each person I work with.



  • B.Ed in Therapeutic Recreation, University of Toledo, Toledo Ohio
  • M.A. in Tourism Management, International Management Institute, Brussels Belgium


  • Morales Method® Core Integration Therapist Level III
  • Certified Massage Therapist, State of California
  • Swedish Massage Program, San Francisco School of Massage
  • Bodywork Therapist Program, San Francisco School of Massage
  • Advanced Massage & Bodywork Trainings, San Francisco School of Massage & McKinnon Body Therapy Center
  • Teacher Assistant, Marty Morales, Founder of the Morales Method®
  • Teacher Assistant, Art Riggs, Author of Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release


  • Community Dancer for Axis Dance Company
  • Sea Kayak Guide for Environmental Traveling Companions
  • Special Olympics Coach for Northern California