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I was once a spy, mermaid and a surgeon but most people know me as a globetrotting, dance hopping, joke-cracking, nature-loving chica. My childlike imagination runs as deep as my passion for enhancing the quality of life.

From undergoing two heart surgeries as a child, I learned at a very young age how precious health is.  I quickly developed an active lifestyle, became a competitive athlete, and pushed my body to its top-level performance while maintaining my personal wellness.

Realizing my own abilities could be limited made me want to pursue working with people with disabilities. I gained over 10 years experience working as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist in the US and a Provider of Accessible Travel in Europe.  I served populations with traumatic brain injuries, physical disabilities, and mental health issues. Helping them break down barriers and enabling them to live more fulfilling lives. 

Returning back to San Francisco I dove head first in my life-long hobby of massage. I was fortunate to learn and teach alongside industry leaders and became a Certified Massage Therapist and one of the first Core Integration Therapists under the Morales Method®.

In the 10th year of running my practice, I’ve helped hundreds of people get out of;  pain, injury and unnecessary surgical procedures. I’m also the co-creator of the Healthcare Ultra-preneur Project designed to help health practitioners run a successful practice. Whether you are a client or a student, as a Passionate Health Advocate, my mission is to… Help you help yourself and open up a world of possibilities.    



  • B.Ed in Therapeutic Recreation, University of Toledo, Toledo Ohio
  • M.A. in Tourism Management, International Management Institute, Brussels Belgium


  • Morales Method® Academy of Structural Integration Practitioner (MMASI)
    Move In Mind Level I & II, Montreal Canada
    Certified Massage Therapist, State of California (CAMTC)
    Swedish Massage Program, San Francisco School of Massage
    Bodywork Therapist Program, San Francisco School of Massage
    Advanced Massage & Bodywork Trainings, San Francisco School of Massage & McKinnon Body Therapy Center
    Teacher Assistant, Marty Morales, Founder of the Morales Method®
    Teacher Assistant, Art Riggs, Author of Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release


  • Community Dancer for Axis Dance Company
  • Sea Kayak Guide for Environmental Traveling Companions
  • Special Olympics Coach for Northern California