Are you frustrated with the aches and pains in your body?

Are you overwhelmed with health care and don’t know where to turn or where to start?

Have you tried various treatments and not gotten the results you wanted?


I had a calling as a child to do massage but I kept saying no to it.

When I was young I underwent 2 heart surgeries. Eternally grateful for the positive outcome, I never wanted to take my physical health for granted. Growing up I felt responsible to use my body in a way to make up for what I thought I wasn’t. I believed I had to push myself hard and always better myself to fix any situation. Then one day I really hurt myself. I saw a healer and she told me, “I had a very strong mind and a very weak body.” Those words just blew me away. The next day, instead of running… I laid down and it changed my life.

Years later I finally answered my call and became a bodyworker. This work is so important to me because I allow others to lie down, to let their armor drop so they can take the pressure off.

I’m honored I get to do bodywork and to share this gift with incredible people in their healing. Want to join me?

The people I work
with best are…

Curious, so that they can be open to the outcomes of their wellness journey.

Able to step into Trusting of the process and themselves.

Committed to their own health and healing.

My promise to you when working together is that I’ll …

Be fully focused and present.

Have no judgements of your process.

that every step you took until you reached me was the right one.

See what’s possible beyond what you can see and where you can go.

My intention when working together is that you can …

Get some peace of mind knowing you are being heard and taken seriously.

Have freedom in your body so that you can move with more ease.

Gain a sense of
self support in your body so you can take on life.

Do conscious breathing so you can bring vitality back into the body.

Feel better;
lighter, grounded and lifted when you walk out my door.



Each bodywork session is a collaborative, organic experience dedicated to your specific needs. I want to help you reach your goals while meeting you where you are at in the present moment.

Morales Method® Structural Integration

This specialized form of Structural Integration with Move in Mind™ techniques addresses underlying imbalances and restricted holding patterns in the body through a series of ten sessions. Each session focuses on a specific region and follows a sequence of your body’s natural form of function.

Body Awareness & Movement Education

Not only do I want to get you out of pain, but also want to equip you with valuable knowledge and self-body awareness that will stay with you for years to come. I’ll help you tap into your own sense of what feels healthy, functional, and strong because that information is key for managing your wellbeing for the long haul.


“I (and my body) are so lucky and grateful that I found Denise.

Before I started working with her I was debilitated by metatarsalgia and Morton’s Neuroma. I could not walk across my floor barefoot without wanting to weep. As an incredibly active person who hikes, does yoga, exercises, acts in plays and runs day-long workshops on my feet, this was unbelievably frustrating to me. As I consciously and unconsciously attempted to avoid the pain in my feet, I was also experiencing a slew of other pains creeping in throughout my body. Cortisone injections (the “standard of care” at Kaiser) had made the problem worse rather than better. Doctors were saying my only other option was surgery – and even they didn’t recommend that!

Denise is a healer. A healer’s healer. Her hands worked magic. And, that wasn’t even the best part.” Lauri S.

Lauri S.

“I believe Denise does with her hands what many practitioners do with their voices. She is a change agent of the body and therefore the mind and spirit. It is deep change work without having to go into the stories and talk. I do believe this work would pair well with anyone interested in shifting patterns in their bodies and their lives. ” Julie G.

“What impressed me the most about Denise’s approach to bodywork is how she engages you as a partner in the bodywork. If you’re looking for a nap under dimmed lights with soft music, and oil slathered all over your body, see someone else! But if you want to alleviate tightness or soreness in a muscle under the care of a highly professional massage therapist, you won’t find a better person than Denise. She is exceedingly easy to work with, — her agenda is your agenda — and you simply leave her care feeling rehabilitated and refreshed.” Robert R.

“I have been working with Denise for about one year now. I initially went for a consult at the recommendation of my personal trainer. I had been experiencing a lot of neck/shoulder tension and was at a point where I was becoming extremely frustrated with the constant pain, discomfort and limited mobility that I was experiencing. BUT WAIT, there’s more…” Dan L.

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The Healthcare Ultra-preneur Project is here!

I’ve recently partnered with Marty Morales, The Founder of the Morales Method (Manual Therapy & Body Conditioning) to bring budding entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry a new way to increase their revenue and success. The project is a 6-lesson course designed to help practitioners create gains in revenue via multiple approaches—whether an Acupuncturist, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor, or Yoga instructor.

The course will provide what is needed to foster the skills necessary to simultaneously be great at your job and run a successful business.

Read more about the course on the school’s website.