“After two pregnancies and four years of the physical rigors of caring for young children, I felt so out of touch with my body. The pain was alerting me to problems, but I didn’t know what was going on, and I felt overwhelmed by the idea of trying to figure it all out. Since starting treatments with Denise, my joint pain has already been reduced to an occasional occurrence, rather than a constant reality. More importantly, though, Denise is giving me a big picture understanding of how my body works – what things support my body to work well, and what things make it difficult for my body to function well. In every session, Denise brings more clarity to my situation. She has an immense understanding of the body and how everything is connected, but she is also patient with me as I process things little by little.

I know I wouldn’t be seeing this level of progress if Denise didn’t value my thoughts and perspective so much. We spend time each session talking – about how I’m feeling and what’s going on in my life, and exploring possible connections between it all – and I get the sense that she considers our conversations to be just as much a part of the healing/changing process as the physical work she does. The physical work she does is guided by our conversations and discoveries we make, as well as by what she sees as she observes me.

If your body is using pain to communicate with you but you feel in the dark about what the message is or how to respond, working with Denise will bring clarity and light. Denise is a teacher and if you’re ready to learn, she can teach you a lot about how our bodies work and offer you practical ways to improve your functionality and lower your pain level. I especially recommend Denise to anyone who has been pregnant – pregnancy changes your body so much, and even if you were pretty mindful before pregnancy, it can be confusing to navigate your new body.” –Amy M.

“I came to Denise when I moved to San Francisco for bodywork to assist in helping my back so I wouldn’t be in so much pain. Her deep tissue treatment made my QL lengthen and release.  In addition, she discovered that my weak ankles, tight legs and hips, and shoulders were causing my back to overwork.  By helping me connect with myself and see how my posture, walking stance, and alignment hindered me, I was able to correct these things.  I was holding my shoulders too rigid and I needed to stretch my Calves and Piriformis.

Each week she communicated with my Acupuncturist and my Pilates instructor to understand what I was accomplishing with them.  She took their recommendations and accomplished deep tissue releases that they were seeing needed to be done and conversely, recommended areas of work that they should attend to. Her work changed my life.  My plantar fasciitis disappeared, my back relaxed, my hips opened, my ankles are less tight, my gait has improved, and my shoulders move freely.  I would recommend her highly to others.  You CAN feel better!” – Amanda G.

“What impressed me the most about Denise’s approach to bodywork is how she engages you as a partner in the bodywork. If you’re looking for a nap under dimmed lights with soft music, and oil slathered all over your body, see someone else!  But if you want to alleviate tightness or soreness in a muscle under the care of a highly professional massage therapist, you won’t find a better person than Denise. She is exceedingly easy to work with, — her agenda is your agenda — and you simply leave her care feeling rehabilitated and refreshed.” – Robert R.